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Learn More About Coon Rapids, MN

Coon Rapids is the largest city in Anoka County and the ninth largest city by population in the entire state of Minnesota. Originally, Coon Rapids was part of the Anoka Township, but it became separate in 1952 and then incorporated in 1959. The city got its name from a turbulent part of the upper Mississippi River called the Coon Creek Rapids.
You can find great legal advice from the talented Coon Rapids lawyers in the area. These legal professionals regularly represent their clients in many legal areas including bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, contracts, employment discrimination, criminal defense, DUI, divorce and more.
A Coon Rapids man is in the process of filing a lawsuit against an alleged fraudster located in Minnesota. The alleged fraudster has already been sued by a group of investors from California over the same alleged fraud. It looks as though the investors gave the defendant money on the belief that he was buying and selling paper for a large profit. Apparently, the defendant never bought or sold any paper, and the location of all of the investment money is unknown. The Coon Rapids man believes that the entire scope of the fraudulent scheme could be in the millions of dollars.
Coon Rapids is served by the 10th Judicial Distict Court of Minnesota. This is a court of general jurisdiction, meaning it can hear all types of cases. Having a local Coon Rapids attorney who knows the workings of this court can be an advantage for your case.
Many times, clients in Coon County often wait too long to find a lawyer to represent their interests in a lawsuit. Waiting too long can result in your case being dismissed before you ever get your day in court. If you visit today, you can be matched up with a qualified local attorney quickly. Additionally, if you would like to research your case by yourself, you can visit our LegalCenter to read more about the laws that apply to your situation.
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