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Learn More About Hennepin County, MN

Hennepin County, home of Minneapolis, is the largest county in Minnesota as well as one of its oldest. It is named after Louis Hennepin, an explorer famous for being one of the first westerners to document Minnesota’s natural wonders.
Hennepin County has a large and well established legal community. Hennepin County lawyers can assist you in any legal capacity. Their areas of expertise include personal injury, wills and trusts, bankruptcy, criminal law, and many more.
Hennepin County attorneys are currently on both sides of a lawsuit against the county over the death of a juvenile in one of the county’s detention centers. Jeff Berg died in Hennepin County’s Workhouse of a drug overdose. The family alleges that county employees were negligent in that they knew their son was using illegal drugs, saw him in need of medical attention, and yet did nothing to save his life. The case is ongoing in the United States District Court, District of Minnesota.
Hennepin County is currently in the midst of a controversy over the county’s practice of requiring a social security number to obtain a marriage license. The requirement essentially bars many immigrants without social security registration from getting married in the county, and also may soon be challenged in federal court.
Hennepin County lawyers are familiar with the Federal District court as well as other state courts in Hennepin County, which comprises Minnesota’s 4th judicial district. Lawyers in Hennepin County will know the judges, court staff, and other local Hennepin County attorneys. This local familiarity could help you if you have a case in Hennepin County.
If you need an attorney in Hennepin County, consider visiting to help you find the right lawyer for you. Before speaking to an attorney, you might want to visit the following websites for more information on Minnesota law and practice in Hennepin County:

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