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Learn More About Rochester, MN

Rochester is the county seat of Olmsted County and home to the world’s largest ear of corn which is actually a working water tower for the City. Rochester is also known for its homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the renowned Mayo Clinic.
With such outstanding accolades, it’s no surprise to find that Rochester is called home by many experienced lawyers. Lawyers in Rochester take many cases, including medical malpractice, immigration visas, bankruptcy, personal injury, and DUI among others.
Recently in Rochester, a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by Elliot M. Kaplan has been scheduled to go to trial. Kaplan, who had filed the original lawsuit over two years ago in the incorrect court, re-filed in Minnesota District Court. Kaplan is seeking over $7 million in compensation for pain and suffering in addition to future loss of wages resulting from his misdiagnosis and subsequent surgery for pancreatic cancer.
If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Rochester, you are likely to visit the Olmsted County Third Judicial District Court which takes all cases in Rochester and Olmsted County including civil, family, criminal, traffic, and juvenile cases among others.
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