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Learn More About Andover, MN

Andover is a city in Anoka County, Minnesota. According to local myth and legend, the city of Andover got its name because of a massive train wreck. According to the myth, the train rolled over and the newspaper reporting on the wreck incorrectly reported that the train accident had occurred in “Andover.” However, this myth has been disproved by looking at train schedules that pre-date the accident. Many of the trains had departure and arrival times for “Andover station.”

In the News: An Andover financial planner recently helped the state’s Attorney General in her lawsuit against the cell phone company Sprint Nextel. The lawsuit claims that the cellular company extended their customers’ service plans without informing the customers, all in violation of state law that requires any contract modification to have full disclosure and informed consent. In some situations, two year contacts were extended for another two years after Sprint called up customers and gave them a “courtesy discount.” In the Andover man’s situation, Sprint wanted $800 in early cancellation fees on four phones after the man had thought his contract had expired. Sprint claims that the contract was extended when the man called in to inquire about a plan discount, something that the man claims never happened.

Information About Andover Legal and Court System

Andover residents who need to file a lawsuit will generally file their legal papers in the Anoka County District Court, which is a court of general jurisdiction and hears all types of cases including criminal, family, civil, probate and juvenile. You will want to make sure your attorney is comfortable in this court because it is likely where you will end up.

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Information on How to Get Legal Assistance in Andover, Minnesota

Legal assistance can be obtained by contacting an experienced attorney within Andover, Minnesota who knows the legal system and the laws of the state of Minnesota. These attorneys can represent you in many diverse areas of law including: personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, tax, DUI, arson, assault, divorce, child custody and alimony issues and more.

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