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Learn More About Anoka, MN

It wasn’t until 1937 that Anoka city officials persuaded Congress to officially proclaim Anoka the “Halloween Capital of the World.” It seems like a well deserved title since the first Halloween parade took place in Anoka in 1920 and the city has been lavishly celebrating the holiday ever since.

Anoka is also a great place to find a lawyer. Lawyers in Anoka take cases in real estate, immigration, family, wills and trusts, and personal injury but are qualified to assist you with any legal issue.

Recently, the Anoka County board unanimously voted to pursue a lawsuit against the McKesson Corporation and First Databank because of alleged inflated prescription prices for state detention and mental health facilities. The county estimated that it paid around $1.3 million more than they should have because of the markups. 

If you want to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Anoka, you’re likely to visit the Anoka County Government Center’s 10th Judicial District Court located in Anoka. District courts are the only trial level courts in Minnesota, and they handle all types of cases. By hiring an Anoka lawyer, you will be assured that he or she is familiar with all local court procedures.

LegalMatch’s prescreened and bar certified lawyers in Anoka are waiting for your case. By reviewing your case ahead of time, LegalMatch lawyers are able to quote you a price while you check out their availability and past clients’ reviews. Also, check out the LegalCenter for all kinds of useful legal research tools like an online law library and forums.

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