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Learn More About Cottage Grove, MN

Cottage Grove rests on the north bank of the Mississippi River just 8 miles south of St. Paul, Minnesota. Cottage Grove is home to 33,000 Washington County residents and primarily serves as a bedroom community. Locally, Cottage Grove is known for playing host to one of only two drive0in theaters in the Twin Cities area.
A number of the Cottage Grove residents are also practicing lawyers. Lawyers in Cottage Grove admit a number of different cases including child custody, DUI, bankruptcy, medical malpractice, and real estate cases.
Recently in Cottage Grove and throughout Washington County, people have been illegally dumping unwanted items like mattresses, computers, and televisions. Stone Soup Thrift Shop has reported a drastic increase in illegal dumping on their back loading dock. While some of the problem may be coming from the recent Minnesota law restricting e-waste dumping in landfills and the cost of proper disposal, some think it’s because fines and enforcement are lax. The fine for illegal dumping in Minnesota is currently upwards of $700 depending on certain factors, however, you may be ordered to pay restitution and perform community service as well.
If you have a criminal charge in Cottage Grove, the Johnson County 10th Judicial District Court will likely be the place of your trial. District courts are the only trial level court with which to file in Minnesota and are responsible for criminal, juvenile, traffic, domestic relations, civil, and small claims cases.
The most reliable way to find a lawyer in the Cottage Grove is through LegalMatch which is host useful research tools as well as the original client-lawyer matching system that ensures your satisfaction. LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, and reviews from past clients to make sure you are matched with the right lawyer for you. Check out our Law Library for some great quick reference.
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