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Learn More About Lakeville, MN

Lakeville is just 23 miles south of Minneapolis and one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Minnesota. Lakeville is home to 52,000 residents who enjoy access to a total 62 public properties like beaches, parks, and senior centers. Lakeville is best known as the host of the world’s largest Pie Maker Festival in which the winner receives a trip around the world and a commemorative statue outside Lakeville City Hall.
Lakeville plays host to lawyers who know local courts. Lawyers in Lakeville take an assortment of cases like bankruptcy, child custody, immigration, DUI, and probate cases among others.
Recently in Lakeville, Susan Marie Stevens was pulled over for driving under the influence with her 8-year old child. A concerned citizen saw Stevens in a local grocery store and contacted police after Stevens seemed incoherent. Lakeville police stopped Stevens less than a mile from the store and cited her for a DUI after she failed a field sobriety test and blew a .40 on the breathalyzer, over five times the legal limit.
If you have DUI charges pending against you in Lakeville then you will likely be summoned by the First Judicial District Court which is the highest trial level court in the State of Minnesota. District courts take tort, contract, real property, small claims, mental health, probate, civil, domestic relations, criminal, juvenile and traffic cases.
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