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Learn More About Roseville, MN

Roseville is located in Ramsey County in the state of Minnesota. It has a population of about 33,000. Along with the city of Lauderdale, Roseville is one of the two “Twin Cities” located next to Saint Paul. Roseville was incorporated in 1948.
Roseville was primarily comprised of farms and tree nurseries until the 1930’s, when commercial development began in the area. Currently the city is home to several thriving retail and service industries and is a popular suburban shopping center. For example, the very first Target store was opened in Roseville, as was the first Best Buy store. Roseville was also the first place in Minnesota to open a McDonald’s restaurant. Due to the large surge in commercial development during the 1950’s and 60’s, Roseville is known as the commercial hub of the northeastern Minnesota metropolitan area.
Recently in Roseville, an incident at a local shopping mall has spurred concerns about safety in the community. In February of 2010, Roseville police responded to calls reporting a brawl involving about 12 people on the upper levels of the shopping mall. Witnesses say that the brawlers were using chairs to as weapons, and several of the fighters received serious injuries. While the melee was being broken up, the police were called to address a stabbing that had occurred nearby in the same mall. Police ordered security to lock the mall entrances and evacuate shoppers. City officials say that the isolated occurrences were not gang related. They said that in general Roseville is a safe place to shop and there is no trend of violence in the shopping areas. Police have arrested several people involved in the incidents, and officials are considering implementing stricter security measures such as curfews for minors.
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Legal claims arising in Roseville can be heard at the Minnesota 2nd District Court, County of Ramsey. The district court has jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. Appeals may be directed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.
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