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Learn More About Mankato, MN

Mankato extends into 3 Minnesota counties and covers 15 square miles. Mankato is the seat of Blue Earth County and plays host to 36,000 residents. Mankato is the largest city outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area in the State of Minnesota.
As a large city, Mankato is host to a number of lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Mankato advise their clients on nearly every kind of case imaginable. Some normal examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, immigration visa, and criminal cases like felony and DUI/DWI charges.
Recently, Jonathan Boyd of Mankato was arrested inside the garage of his ex-girlfriend’s home while no one was there. Boyd is facing first degree burglary charges in addition to harassment and disorderly conduct charges. Police said a concerned neighbor tipped them off.
If you have a protection order or lawsuit to file in Mankato then you will be heading to the Blue Earth County District Court. Minnesota District Courts have jurisdiction over nearly every kind of case including tort, contract, small claims, real property, mental health, probate, domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, and traffic violations. District courts are the only trial level courts recognized by the State of Minnesota and therefore will more than likely be the location where you file.
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