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Learn More About Savage, MN

Savage is a city in Scott County, Minnesota, with a population of around 27,000 residents. Once a shipbuilding port for the U.S. Navy, Savage now contains an industrial manufacturing job center. However, the city is still relatively undeveloped and rural, with sections of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve within its borders.
In December 2009, Savage-area resident Jennifer Eisenbarth filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against several weight-loss product manufacturers for using her image for marketing purposes without her consent. Eisenbarth had lost 100 pounds after participation in the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser.” The lawsuit alleged the manufacturers used Eisenbarth’s image and fabricated quotes on their websites to imply that she used and endorsed their products, when in fact she did not. The case is still pending in federal district court.
Claims pertaining to federal law, such as trademark infringement, are heard by the US federal courts. If the suit arises out of Savage, it will be heard by the US District Court of Minnesota.
Other cases arising out of Scott County are heard by the First Judicial District Court. The District Court presides over all legal matters, such as probate, criminal, domestic relations, juvenile, traffic violations, and civil disputes. The District Court also contains a small claims court to hear matters up to $7,500.
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