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Learn More About Plymouth, MN

Plymouth is a city 15 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis in Hennepin County. It is the third largest suburb of Minneapolis, with an estimated population of approximately 71,000, including several prominent Minneapolis lawyers. Plymouth claimed the top spot in Money magazine’s 2008 edition of “America’s Best Places to Live” due to the city’s inclusion of residential areas, industry, parks, schools, and other aspects, making it an essentially autonomous city.
In January 2010, Neville Grant, a Plymouth resident, was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, first-degree kidnapping and two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. Grant allegedly befriended a woman at a casino, gave her a ride home, and then demanded her winnings at gunpoint upon arriving at her apartment. The case is still pending in Dakota County Court.
Cases are generally heard in the county where the action arose from. If Grant were to have committed the crime in Plymouth, his case would have been heard in the Fourth Judicial District Court, which presides over all of Hennepin County. The District Court is divided into a number of courts, all located in Minneapolis.
  • Criminal Court handles all felony charges issued in Hennepin County.
  • Civil Court handles civil cases involving amounts over $7,500.
  • Conciliation Court, handles civil cases involving amounts of $7,500 or less.
  • Family Court matters include divorce, paternity, domestic abuse, and custody.
  • Juvenile Court handles matters involving children under the age of eighteen, and cases are categorized as either a delinquency or a child protection matter.
  • Housing Court handles landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Finally, Probate Court handles cases concerning the disposition of property belonging to deceased persons, administrations of trusts, and proceedings to create guardianships and conservatorships.
Furthermore, traffic and other ordinance violations, as well as misdemeanors committed in Plymouth, are heard by Ridgedale Suburban Court, located in Minnetonka.
Lawyers practicing in Plymouth are not only familiar with the Minnesota judiciary, but also specialize in many types of law, including criminal law, employment law, and family law. To find the right attorney for you, visit, which matches you with a number pre-screened, qualified lawyers in the Plymouth area. From this pool, you can choose the attorney you believe to be the best fit. Submit a form online and a LegalMatch agent will manage the rest.
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