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Learn More About St. Cloud, MN

St. Cloud is the county seat of Stearns County, located in the state of Minnesota. It was founded and incorporated in 1856 and boasts a rapidly growing population of over 67,000.
Located in the heart of the Minnesota’s central region, St. Cloud also extends into Benton and Sherburne Counties. A main feature of the city is the Mississippi River, which flows through the city and provides it with hydroelectric power. The River also contains a 12-mile section designated under Minnesota’s Wild & Scenic Rivers program. The region is frequently visited for day canoe trips. St. Cloud has been the setting for several pop culture films such as “Juno” and “One More Saturday Night”.
In recent St. Cloud legal news, the city has proposed stricter laws for bars who sell alcohol to minors. The drinking proposal also contemplates limiting drink specials during the day, as most problems tend to arise when there are specials going on. Establishments that violate the ordinance by serving alcohol to minors more than three times in a 24-month period will be given a notice and a provisional license. Further violation while under a provisional license will result in a complete revocation of the liquor-selling license. The ordinance was proposed in efforts to curb underage drinking.
Any type of legal issue involving the sale of liquor can carry with it serious consequences. Also, underage drinking can lead to various consequences such as fines, jail time, and loss of employment. If you are in the St. Cloud area and need help with any type of legal claim, can be of great help to you. LegalMatch is an online company that matches attorneys with clients, free of charge. After submitting an online application, LegalMatch will match you with the right lawyer in St. Cloud.
Claims arising in St. Cloud can be heard at the Stearns County Court. The County Court has jurisdiction over a wide range of civil and criminal matters. As the county seat of Stearns County, the county court is appropriately located in St. Cloud. The county court also maintains a public law library, which is located in the county courthouse.
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