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Learn More About Fridley, MN

Fridley was first incorporated as a town in 1949 and subsequently was reclassified as a city in 1957. The city is part of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area and many of Fridley’s residents commute into the big city each work day. One of Fridley’s many attractions is the Springbrook Nature Center which has been called a “must see” attraction in many tourist guides.
Fridley is also home to many qualified lawyers. Lawyers in Fridley can be found in almost any legal field including personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, business law, criminal law, immigration law and many others.
Three teenagers were recently arrested for the torching of a school bus in Fridley. The three teens, ranging in age from 13 to 18, have all confessed to taking part in the torching of one school bus in Fridley. The fire that consumed the first bus also damaged another bus that was parked nearby. The damage is estimated at over $100,000. All three are facing charges of second degree arson and first degree criminal damage to property.
If you have a case that arose in Fridley, you will want an attorney familiar with the Anoka County Court, which is part of Minnesota’s 10th Judicial District. As the local trial court, it is likely your legal issue will end up here. Hiring a local Fridley attorney familiar with Anoka County court procedure would be to your advantage.
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