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Learn More About Moorhead, MN

Moorhead is the seat of Clay County and home to about 33,000 Minnesotans. Moorhead has diverse roots that are reflected in the local architecture like the Norwegian stave church and gothic influences seen in Weld Hall on the Minnesota State University at Moorhead campus. Moorhead is also home to Concordia College, Globe University, Rasmussen College, and Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

Moorhead also plays host to some of the most talented lawyers in Clay County. Moorhead Lawyers are accustomed to advising on a wide range of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, automobile injury, and DUI cases among many others.

Recently in Moorhead, Moorhead Police and Clay County Sheriffs served a warrant that resulted in the arrest of Brian Tyrone Franklin and Regina Luckett Radcliffe. Franklin and Radcliffe face drug possession, trafficking, and distribution charges. Officials seized marijuana, one vehicle believed to be used for transportation, and $8,400 in cash. The arrests were part of a larger drug sting being put on by Clay County.

If you’re accused of a crime in Moorhead then you will probably be heading toward the Clay County District Court. District Courts are responsible for hearing most cases that arise in Moorhead including tort, real property, mental health, probate, civil, criminal, juvenile, and traffic cases. The U.S. Immigration Court in Bloomington, Minnesota will resolve any visa, deportation, or citizenship issues that you have in Moorhead.

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