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Learn More About Brooklyn Center, MN

Brooklyn Center is a Hennepin County city that has a total land area of 8 square miles and is home to 28,000 Minnesota residents. Brooklyn Center is mostly known for its market gardening which involves small-scale production of cash crops which are delivered directly to consumers and restaurants. Brooklyn Center is also home to the headquarters of Caribou Coffee.
A number of Brooklyn Center residents are also lawyers, including a number of Minneapolis lawyers, who can help you with the legal issue that you currently face. Lawyers in Brooklyn Center are familiar with counseling on cases like divorce, personal injury, DUI, bankruptcy cases and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently in Brooklyn Center, Marlon Pratt was sentenced to 10 years in prison for 17 thefts by swindle and two racketeering convictions. The Hennepin County District Court judge presiding over the case said that Pratt’s excessive greed earned him the surplus years in his prison sentence. Pratt stole at least $700,000 in mortgage fraud scams that involved over $3.2 million in loans and forced 17 home to be foreclosed upon.
If you have a case to file or pending criminal charges in Brooklyn Center, you will be visiting the nearest Minnesota District Court. The Fourth Judicial District Court serves Hennepin County and is the busiest trial level court in Minnesota with over 800,000 cases each year. District courts in Minnesota handle domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, traffic, tort, contract, real property, small claims, mental health, probate, and civil cases. Immigration cases are heard by the U.S. Immigration Court in Bloomington.
LegalMatch is the best way to find a Brooklyn Center lawyer. LegalMatch will assist you with finding a lawyer who is guaranteed to be bar certified, for free! The LegalCenter contains research related tools to help explain court procedure and assist with legal tips on how to select the best Brooklyn Center lawyer. The LegalMatch Law Library is a great source for quick reference materials about your case.
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