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Learn More About Maple Grove, MN

Maple Grove, which lies in Hennepin County, was originally named for its many maple trees and the sweet syrup they produce. Since the 1970s, Maple Grove has experienced significant growth, and today it is one of the area’s most populous cities, with upwards of 50,000 residents. Maple Grove is also home to a number of large companies, including a regional Boston Scientific facility, as well as a large gravel mine owned by C.S. McCrossan, Tiller Corporation and Aggregate Industries.
Maple Grove residents are served by the Fourth Judicial District Court. This court is Minnesota’s biggest trial court, and receives almost 800,000 cases annually. The court also offers two Self-Help Centers for clients who are not represented by attorneys. Additionally, the Domestic Abuse Service Center, Conciliation Court, and Housing Court’s self-help resources are available to Maple Grove residents.
Recently, Premier Bank sued the founder’s nephew and former board member, Scott Regan, in connection with defaults on a number of commercial real estate loans that include a property located in Maple Grove. Scott Regan is chief manager of MEER Cos., a Maple-Grove-based real estate development company. Premier Bank filed suit in Hennepin County District Court to foreclose on the properties.
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