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Learn More About Blaine, MN

Blaine is a city 45,000 strong that overlaps into both Anoka and Ramsey Counties in Minnesota. Blaine is best known for its 600-acre National Sports Center that boasts a gold course, velodrome, 50 soccer fields, Schwan’s Super Rink that has 4 Olympic and 4 regulation ice rinks and is the largest single indoor rink in the world. As if that weren’t enough, Blaine also plays host to a number of theaters and retail centers.
Blaine is also a great place to find a reputable lawyer who is familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Blaine advise on many different kinds of cases, a few normal examples include immigration, DUI, divorce, wrongful termination, as well as chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases.
Recently near Blaine, a Ramsey County District Court judge heard the case of Ryan William McMillan who confessed to the felony charges of aiding an offender in the fatal shooting of Dointe Ramone Montantes. McMillan was also charged with felony third degree riot for the benefit of a gang but it is unclear if both charges will be factored into his sentencing in the coming month.
If you have pending criminal charges in Blaine, you will be visiting the Anoka County District Court or the Ramsey County District Court. Minnesota district courts are the only trial level court with which to file and consequently take the bulk of cases that arise in the area. District courts do not handle immigration issues; they are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Bloomington. It may be difficult to decipher which county’s district court to file with since Blaine extends into both Anoka and Ramsey. A seasoned Blaine lawyer will be able to capably handle your case.
The only way to find the best Blaine lawyers is through the free matching service of LegalMatch. LegalMatch also offers great resources for learning more about your particular case. The LegalMatch Law Library can answer nearly any legal quandary that you may face.
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