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Learn More About St. Paul

Founded in the early 1800s, St. Paul quickly made its fortunes as a major shipping port and on the Mississippi river. It became the capitol of Minnesota in 1858 when Minnesota was admitted to the Union. Today, St. Paul is one of the “twins” that makes up Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Together, the Twin Cities are home to over half a million residents and a large number of accomplished St. Paul attorneys and Minneapolis lawyers.

St. Paul MN Lawyers

St. Paul attorneys practice in a number of different fields, including personal injury, real estate law, bankruptcy law, criminal law, and wills and trusts. St. Paul lawyers have filed numerous lawsuits against St. Paul over police practices during the 2008 Republican National Convention.  Several prominent journalists were roughly treated while officers attempted to maintain security within the city. Large numbers of protesters are also claiming they were abused buy city police.

Lawyers in St. Paul are familiar with the Ramsey County court system. The Second Judicial District of Minnesota has a total of 26 judges, and its courts hear all types of cases, from criminal to civil to family disputes. As the state capital, St. Paul is also home to the federal United States District Court of Minnesota.

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