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Learn More About Rome, GA

The Appalachian Mountain foothills play host to the City of Rome which is the seat and principal city of Floyd County. Rome is home to 35,000 Georgians. Rome is built on 78 hills and modeled after the Italian city. Benito Mussolini gave the City of Rome, Georgia a replica statue of Romulus and Remus nursing from a mother wolf in 1929. The statue is now one of countless attractions that draw people to Rome.
Rome is a large city that is home to many different professional including lawyers who know local courts well. Lawyers in Rome take many different kinds of cases including discrimination, criminal, immigration, and family cases as well as the drafting of will and trusts.
Recently in Rome, Mohawk Industries agreed to pay $18 million to their employees who claimed the company hired illegal immigrants to help reduce wages. The 6 year lawsuit was finally settled in the U.S. Federal Court in Rome, Georgia. Norm Carpenter was the lead plaintiff in the case and served as a manager. After alerting his superiors of the numerous illegal workers, his employment was terminated which violated the federal whistleblower protection law and his civil rights. The judgment came as the first from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
Real property, domestic relations like divorce and child custody, and criminal cases including felony charges are all under the sole jurisdiction of the Floyd County Superior Court. Georgia Superior Courts also decide on tort, contract, juvenile, traffic, and civil cases among others. Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy must be filed with the U.S. District Court in Rome, Georgia. Cases that involve immigration issues fall under the sole jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration Court in Atlanta, Georgia.
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