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Learn More About Fulton County, GA

Fulton County is the largest county in Georgia. Fulton County is most famously known as the home of Atlanta. Almost the entire Fulton County consists of cities, and a new county initiative would further incorporate every part of Fulton County into a city. If successful, it would eliminate Fulton County’s government entirely and make the State of Georgia the next highest authority after local city governments.

In the News: The Fulton County Superior Court was in the news recently thanks to the popular R&B singer Usher. Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond filed papers in Fulton County Superior Court in February 2012. Tameka is asking Usher to pay $50,000 to cover her attorney’s fees in the couple’s custody battle plus an additional $35,000 for other costs. The lawsuit alleges that Usher abuses drugs and other harmful substances, making him a not-so-fit-father-figure for the couple’s two children. Given Usher’s popularity and large fan following, this case is bound to draw a lot of media attention to Fulton County.

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