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Learn More About Mableton, GA

Mableton is a Georgia city in Cobb County. Mableton plays host to 30,000 residents and was home to Georgia Governor Roy Barnes. Locals go to the Silver Comet Trail to hike or Mableton Community Garden if they aren’t at one of the many shopping centers and strip malls.
Mableton is home to some talented lawyers who know how to handle a wide variety of cases. Lawyers in Mableton know local courts and regularly take bankruptcy, divorce, medical malpractice, DUI, and immigration cases among others.
Recently in Mableton, police arrested Miguel Flores and Islas Corona on drug trafficking charges and seized 457 pounds of marijuana. Police also reported seizing an M16 and AK-47. When they searched the homes they found and additional $2.1 million worth of marijuana and a large amount of ammunition. The suspects are being held without bond.
If you have a case to file in Mableton then you will be heading to the Cobb County Superior Court. Georgia Superior Courts handle tort, contract, civil, and traffic infractions in addition to having exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, real property, felony, and criminal appeals cases.
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