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Learn More About Chatham County, GA

Located along the southeastern coast of Georgia, Chatham County offers its residents and visitors many attractions, such as the birth place of Juliette Gordon Low, who was the founder of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Chatham County is also home to the Telfair Museum of Art and Science, which is one of the South’s first and finest museums.

If you have legal charges pending against you in Chatham County, you will want to seek the advice of one of the experienced Chatham County lawyers. These attorneys can assist you in many legal areas including criminal defense, DUI, drug possession, divorce, personal injury, civil rights, free speech, automobile accidents, child custody, contracts, real estate, employment discrimination, and more.

The editors of a Chatham County university newspaper recently filed suit against the university’s administration claiming that the administration punished the newspaper for publishing articles that were criticizing the university and how it was run. The lawsuit was filed in Chatham County Superior Court and alleges that during the past year, the editors of the newspaper had taken a more aggressive route in covering the university, and that this decision upset the university’s administrators. The suit also alleges that the administration cut more than $4,000 from the newspapers budget, which forced the editors to take pay cuts and made freelance writing almost impossible to get. The suit was filed claiming that this budget cut violated the free speech rights of the editors of the newspaper.

When you go to file your suit in Chatham County, you will probable do so in one of two courts. You will either report to the Chatnam County Superior Court, or the State Court of Chatham County. The local attorneys regularly practice in both of these courts and can use their specialized knowledge to help your case.

If you have been having a hard time finding the right Chatham County lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit, is here for you. Not only do we offer you a free online legal matching service, but also a stocked legal library in our LegalCenter where you can read about many popular legal topics and get helpful hints.

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