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Learn More About Valdosta, GA

 Valdosta is situated in Lowndes County on the southern border of Georgia near Florida. Valdosta is home to the nation’s all time winningest high school football program, the Valdosta Wildcats.  Valdosta has been so successful in sports that in 2008, ESPN named the city “TitleTown USA.” Valdosta also boasts several other names, including Azalea City because the plant flourishes in the climate there. Valdosta is the commercial center of southern Georgia and supplies 80% of the world’s demand for products in naval stores such as turpentine.

If you are in need of legal services in or around Valdosta, there are a number of experienced Valdosta lawyers in the community. These Valdosta attorneys are able to assist you in areas such as insurance defense, worker’s compensation, personal injury, civil litigation, business, wills and trusts, and many other legal issues.
In an ongoing case involving Valdosta State University and one of the University’s students, a student is claiming he was expelled in violation of his First Amendment rights for protesting the construction of two new University parking structures. Although his expulsion was later reversed by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents, the student is continuing his lawsuit. 
The Lowndes County court system is very small, and Valdosta lawyers are quite familiar with the historic courthouse and the judges that sit there. Because of the small size of court system in Lowndes County, you will want a Valdosta attorney who is a familiar face in the courthouse and can navigate his way through the court system with ease.
If you would like to find such a Valdosta lawyer, is here to help you. We know the lawyers in Valdosta and can match you up with an experienced attorney that can help you with your specific legal problem. After using our system, we will find attorneys that are right for you.
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