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Learn More About Sandy Springs, GA

Sandy Springs, Georgia was formally incorporated in 2005 and shortly thereafter become the 8th largest city with just over 100,000 residents. Sandy Springs is named after an active spring located within the city limits. The spring, a protected historic landmark, bubbles water at the rate of 10 gallons per minute. Sandy Springs incorporation to a city was wrought with controversy dating back to the late 1970s. Members of nearby Fulton County were hesitant to formally incorporate Sandy Springs fearing that incorporation would cost Fulton County tax revenue. In 2005, a referendum was held regarding the incorporation of Sandy Springs and 94% of residents agreed to formally incorporate the town.
Sandy Springs lawyers are experienced to handle cases related to business and employment law, especially given the large companies that make Sandy Springs the location for their corporate headquarters. In addition, Sandy Springs lawyers represent clients in bankruptcy filings, family disputes, and criminal cases, among others.
Sandy Springs is a city located in north Fulton County, so therefore the area attorneys are familiar with the Fulton County Superior Court. This court hears most civil and criminal matters, including felonies, divorces, and property disputes. 
If you are looking for a qualified lawyer in Sandy Springs to represent your case in court, LegalMatch can help. LegalMatch has an extensive directory of pre-screened Sandy Springs lawyers that are in good standing with the Georgia State Bar. In addition, LegalMatch allows you to review a lawyers experience, rates, and availability without any obligation.
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