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Learn More About College Park, GA

Originally known as Manchester, the City of College Park took its current name because it was once home to Cox College, a private women’s college that closed in 1934. College Park is located in Fulton County and is one of the suburbs of Georgia’s capital, Atlanta. In addition to a number of well know rappers to come out of College Park, such as Ludacris and Yung Joc, College Park is also home to the Woodward Academy, the largest independent school in the continental United States.
In addition to the many notable residents of the city, including famous football star Adam “Pacman” Jones, there are also a number of highly qualified and knowledgeable College Park attorneys. These lawyers are well versed in many areas of law such as affirmative action, family law, estate planning, real estate, civil rights, and criminal defense.
In a lawsuit filed in 2005, a College Park lawyer represented a former city official who sued the city of College Park and three of its council members for employment discrimination. The former city official, who is white, claimed that his contract was not renewed with the city because of an unofficial policy to hire African-Americans and non-white employees for open positions. The lawsuit alleged that one of the College Park council members told the fired individual that a white man cannot represent a primarily black city.
College Park sits only 11 miles from Atlanta, which is not only the capital of Georgia but also home to the State’s Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and the Fulton County Superior Court, making College Park an ideal place to find experienced attorneys. If you have a case that requires you to go to any of these courts, you will want a College Park lawyer that is well versed in the local laws. is here to help you locate and choose the College Park lawyer that is right for you. We offer a free service that will match your specific needs to attorneys that are skilled in the appropriate areas of law and who want to resolve your legal problem. Every attorney you will find on LegalMatch is in good standing and is eager to work on cases just like yours.
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