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Learn More About Dunwoody, GA

The city of Dunwoody recently incorporated into a city from a census designated place in 2008. Dunwoody is currently the third wealthiest city in Georgia. As well, Dunwoody is also the hometown of Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol and radio station host.
When you need the help of an attorney in Dunwoody, there are a number of Dunwoody lawyers that are experienced and ready to assist you. These legal professionals can represent you in a number of legal areas including criminal defense, divorce, DUI, personal injury, real estate, and more.

DeKalb County Court System was opposed to the incorporation of Dunwoody and fought its battle in court. The County sued Dunwoody to challenge its incorporation, but the County ultimately lost its lawsuit. It finally admitted that one of its primary reasons for contending the incorporation of the city was the loss of tax revenue that would accompany the loss of the Perimeter Mall. With the dismissal of this lawsuit, Dunwoody was able to incorporate into an official city in 2008.

Your Dunwoody lawyer should be familiar with the rules and procedures of the Dekalb County Court System. Knowledge of local rules is important in properly litigating and settling your case. Make sure your Dunwoody lawyer is knowledgeable of the court procedures in your area.
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