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Learn More About Smyrna, GA

Smyrna, Georgia is located in Cobb County and is the nearest suburb to Atlanta. The city of Smyrna has been involved in some of the nation’s most noteworthy historic events. Smyrna is the site of two Civil War battles: the Battle of Smyrna Camp Ground on July 3, 1864 and the Battle of Ruff’s Mill the next day. As a result of Smyrna’s involvement in these battles, many of the towns businesses, homes, and bridges were burned down by General Sherman’s troops. Smyrna also made history when it elected one of the nations first women mayors – Lorena Pace Pruitt – in 1946.   In addition, in World War II, the B-29 bombers were produced by a Lockheed Martin facility in Smyrna. Today, Smyrna has a diverse economic base with companies such as Home Depot and The Weather Channel employing many Smyrna citizens.
Smyrna’s close proximity to Atlanta means that there are many talented lawyers in Smyrna to represent your case. Smyrna lawyers are well qualified to handle client cases involving employment law, family disputes, and bankruptcy filings. In addition, lawyers in Smyrna are available to assist clients with business law and probate cases.
Because Smyrna is located in Cobb County, lawyers in Smyrna will be familiar with the Cobb County Superior Court. Cobb County Superior Court is a general jurisdiction court and handles cases that are either civil or criminal in nature. This court has exclusive jurisdiction over all divorce, title to land, and criminal felony cases. Lawyers in Smyrna handling divorce cases should be aware of the Mediation Program and Seminar for Divorcing Parents, which is the first of its kind in the nation. The program is designed to help parent’s better handle situations involving children in divorce.
LegalMatch can help you find the right lawyer to represent your case in Smyrna. LegalMatch has an extensive directory of lawyers specializing in various fields of law, all of whom are pre-screened an in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia. LegalMatch allows you to review a lawyer’s qualifications, rates, and availability at no obligation and free of charge.
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