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Your Lawrenceville lawyer may take a bullet for you. Literally. In 1978, Larry Flynt, the infamous founder of Hustler, was on trial for obscenity. On the steps of the historic Lawrenceville courthouse, Mr. Flynt andhis attorney Gene Reeves were shot by a sniper after adjourning for lunch. Mr. Flynt was left paralyzed from the waist down, and the scene was permanently memorialized in the 1996 film People v. Larry Flynt. 
Although you will probably not be facing sniper fire after your court case, you should nonetheless have a local Lawrenceville attorney at your side. Finding an attorney in the Atlanta Metro area might seem overwhelming. helps you find the right Lawrenceville lawyer for your case by matching you with an outstanding pre-screened attorney experienced with your legal issue. Tell about your legal problem, and we will find a Lawrenceville lawyer ready to help you, completely free of charge.
Lawrenceville lawyers practice in a number of fields, including criminal law, business law, real estate transactions, wills and trusts law, land bankruptcy law, among others. Lawrenceville lawyers generally practice in the Gwinnett County Courts.
The Gwinnett County Court system is divided in to the Superior Court, State Court, Magistrate, Probate, and Juvenile divisions. Each division has jurisdiction over certain types of cases. The Superior Court has jurisdiction to review the decisions of all other divisions, and has exclusive jurisdiction over certain matters, such as felony cases. All of these courts have their own specific rules and procedures. Experienced Lawrenceville attorneys know these local rules and how to navigate these various court divisions. is here to help you find pre-screened Lawrenceville lawyer for you situation. You can also peruse a wide variety of free online legal resources available in our LegalCenter. For instance, our LawLibrary contains 3000 diverse articles on a variety of legal topics.
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