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Learn More About Evans, GA

Evans is a prosperous suburb of Augusta with a population of approximately 20,700. Evans serves as Columbia County’s de facto county seat, and is home to the Columbia County Courthouse Annex, the Government Complex Addition, as well as the Columbia County Government Center.
The Columbia County Superior Court Justice Center is located in Evans. The Justice Center is the newest judicial facility in the state of Georgia and serves as Columbia County’s main courthouse. A qualified Evans lawyer can guide your case through the Columbia County court system and respond to your unique issues effectively. For example, an Evans lawyer will know whether your case should be heard in the Superior Court, State Court, or Juvenile Court.
Recently, Luke A. Williams III of Evans was executed through lethal injection after spending nearly 16 years on death row for killing his wife and son. Williams was arrested after he attempted to claim over $500,000 from insurance policies he secretly took out for his wife and son. Williams appealed based on the fact that the trial was held in Edgefield County, where the bodies were recovered, rather than Columbia County, where the murders were actually committed. Williams appealed the jury’s guilty verdict repeatedly to no avail.
Lawyers in Evans are familiar with the rules and procedures of court, such as how to file an appeal or enter a “not guilty” plea. It is essential to consult a lawyer if you are facing criminal charges or if you are embroiled in a civil dispute because a lawyer can protect your rights and remedies. is an excellent way to find a pre-screened Evans lawyer for your specific needs. also offers free legal resources, such as a law library and legal forum. For outside legal information, please reference the links below:

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