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Learn More About Clarke County, GA

Clarke County, GA was created on December 5, 1801 by an act of the Georgia General Assembly. The county’s early population grew alongside the University of Georgia, with cotton plantations and agriculture comprising much of the local industry. Today the region is a mix of manufacturing, healthcare, and retail operations that employ many of the county’s 112,700 residents. Attractions in Clarke County include the annual Marigold Festival, the Birchmore Trail, and the Georgia Museum of Art.

Numerous Clarke County lawyers have chosen to make this area their home. Clarke County lawyers have experience dealing with legal matters such as family or business disputes, crime, immigration, personal injury, and others.

Lawyers in Clarke County were recently involved on both sides of a civil rights dispute against the county. The lawsuit was filed by two University of Georgia students challenging a local noise ordinance. The ordinance requires that persons in downtown Athens maintain the same level of quiet as those imposed upon residential subdivisions; persons in violation could receive up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine without warning. The lawsuit claims the ordinance violates the free speech clause of Georgia’s constitution, as it is not narrowly tailored. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Georgia’s court system is structured as a series of local municipal courts, limited jurisdiction trial courts (magistrate, probate, juvenile, and state), general jurisdiction Superior Courts, Court of Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Clarke County may bring a case in the Athens-Clarke County Municipal Court, the Western Circuit, Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia, or the Supreme Court of Georgia. A Clarke County lawyer can help guide you through this complex court system.

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