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Learn More About Warner Robins, GA

Warner Robins, also called “Georgia’s International City” has an official motto which states “Every Day in Middle Georgia is Armed Forces Appreciation Day.” This small community is located in Houston County, Texas and is home to the famous Museum of Aviation, which is a four building complex honoring the history of military aviation.
Recently, Jessie Rameriz was charged with kidnapping a 2 year old Warner Robins boy and robbery by intimidation. A woman was getting the boy out of the car after they had parked at their home and a man walked up to her and asked her for money. When the woman stated that she had no money he grabbed the 2 year old boy and told the woman “I don’t want any trouble, all I want is the money from your pocket.” The woman gave the man the money she had and he put the boy down. Rameriz fit the description the woman gave of the man and is now being held at a Houston County jail.
The court structure in Warner Robins consist of a Warner Robins Municipal Court, Houston County Probate Court, Houston County Magistrate Court, and Houston County Superior Court. The Warner Robins Municipal Court handles preliminary hearings, misdemeanors, and traffic violations. The Houston County Probate Court handles mental health, misdemeanor, juvenile, and traffic infraction cases.
Next, is the Houston County Magistrate Court which handles preliminary hearings, misdemeanors, ordinance violations, and small claims up to $15,000. The Houston County State Court handles tort, contract, civil appeals, preliminary hearings, misdemeanor, and traffic infraction cases. The Houston County Superior Court is the only court that serves Warner Robins that is not locally funded and it handles cases dealing with torts, contracts, civil appeals, real property, domestic relations, felony, and criminal appeals issues.
Warner Robins is home to many capable lawyers who take a wide range of cases and are familiar with local court procedures. Warner Robins lawyers will be able to solve most legal issues; examples of cases that Warner Robins lawyers take include temporary immigration visas, automotive injuries, child custody, and wrongful termination cases.
Bar certified LegalMatch lawyers know Warner Robins court procedures and will be able to solve most legal issues that you will be facing. LegalMatch also offers an online LegalCenter which has legal resources like an online law library and forums that are helpful for learning more about your specific legal issue. The services are free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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