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Learn More About Newnan, GA

Newnan is the county seat of Coweta County and was the wealthiest United States city per capita in first half of the 19th Century. During the Civil War Newnan was a hospital town and survived virtually untouched, preserving much of the prewar architecture; consequently Newnan is called the “City of Homes.”
Newnan is also a great place to find a lawyer. Lawyers in Newnan handle elder law, family disputes, criminal prosecutions, bankruptcies, and many others. No matter what legal issue you may face there is a Newnan lawyer for you.
Newnan citizens involved with a voters’ rights group recently filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to stop new voter verification processes in Georgia. Currently in Georgia new voters must undergo a process with the state government to match names and addresses of new voters to social security number and drivers’ licenses. As a result of 1965 litigation, a motion must be passed in Federal Court to overturn any voting laws.
If you are planning on filing a civil lawsuit in Newnan, you are likely to visit the Coweta County Courthouse in Newnan. The historic courthouse is also host to the different Coweta County Court Divisions including family and children services, probate, and juvenile courts.
LegalMatch can assist you in finding the best Newnan lawyer for your specific case. With a great LegalCenter to do research, LegalMatch also provides forums and newsletters to keep you informed. Before hiring a lawyer, check out the Tips section because it’s full of many helpful suggestions to help you hire the best lawyer for you and your particular case.
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