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Learn More About DeKalb County, GA

DeKalb County, Georgia is the third largest county in Georgia. It contains a portion of the city of Atlanta, something the county ironically tried to avoid over 150 years ago. When the railroad was first built through Georgia in the early 1800s, Decatur, the DeKalb County seat, denied the railway rights to build a terminus in their town. The railway was diverted to nearby Thrasherville, which eventually grew to become Atlanta. Today, modern Atlanta has outgrown the confines of neighboring Fulton County and takes up approximately 10% of DeKalb County.

In the News: DeKalb County attorneys are on both sides of ongoing litigation over the size and operation of the DeKalb County Airport. Citizens allege the airport is overbooked and routinely handles larger sized planes than it is designed for. Citizens are concerned that the airport’s growth is not accounting for local environmental concerns. Litigation has forced the airport to release thousands of documents to the litigants, and the litigation is still ongoing.

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