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Learn More About Redan, GA

Redan is an affluent African American community in DeKalb County that is home to 34,000 Georgians. The name Redan’s origins are somewhat disputed. One theory ties the area to the many redans (“fortifications”) built in the area during the American Civil War while others claim Redan’s origins stem from The Redan Store which was a popular trading stop named for a couple, Reed and Ann.
Regardless of its origins, the popularity of Redan as an affluent community has persisted and attracted some talented lawyers. Lawyers in Redan are familiar with advising clients on many different cases including: chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, immigration visa, DUI/DWI, wrongful termination cases and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently in Redan, the convictions of two men, Steven Manley and Robert Allen, were reversed and now prosecutors have to decide whether to retry the case. Manley and Allen were convicted of robbing and murdering Emmett Whately at his home recording studio. The judgment was overturned because the defense wasn’t allowed to fully cross-examine a key state witness. The DeKalb County District Attorney has yet to state if the two will be retried.
If you have a domestic relations case to file in Redan, you’re probably going to be heading to the DeKalb County Superior Court which is responsible for hearing most Redan issues. Georgia Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over real property, family, domestic relations, felony, and appeals from lower courts. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court handles any chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy filings.
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