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Learn More About Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw is a community of about 31,000 people located in Cobb County, Georgia, and is a suburb of Atlanta.
The city has a rich history, and was the site of a major battle in the American Civil War – the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Kennesaw is rated as one of the top-10 American cities for raising a family, and has been designated a “Preserve America Community” for its efforts at historical preservation.
Kennesaw has an interesting law on the books – every household is required to keep a firearm and accompanying ammunition. The law was passed in the early 1980s, as a response to a law passed by a town in Illinois which banned the possession of handguns. It has since been amended to exempt those who have a conscientious objection to owning a gun, those who cannot afford a gun, convicted felons, and the mentally ill. The law mentions no penalty for a violation, and nobody has been charged under it, indicating that its intent was largely symbolic.
The city recently settled a lawsuit for $1.8 million, in which the plaintiffs alleged that the city engaged in racially discriminatory employment practices, including racial harassment. Since the settlement, several city employees had their employment terminated because of their racially-insensitive conduct, and a city councilman resigned. The attorney for the plaintiff reports that the situation has improved greatly since the conclusion of the lawsuit, and the city has reformed many of its policies to ensure that racist conduct is no longer tolerated among its employees.
While that lawsuit apparently had a relatively happy ending, it does show the need for good employment and civil rights attorneys in any city.
If you are facing an employment or civil rights issue in Kennesaw, or any other legal issue, you should find a good lawyer in or around Kennesaw, Georgia. However, the process can be daunting, especially if you are going to choose your lawyer based on the casual recommendation of an acquaintance, or an advertisement.
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