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Named after two 18-century tavern keepers, Randallstown is an unincorporated suburb located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Its population is estimated at around 30,870.

In March 2009, a Vaschon Gilmer, a Randallstown High School football player, was charged in a violent crime spree involving three robberies and a stabbing. Gilmer allegedly stabbed a victim with whom he had an ongoing feud. In one robbery, the victim was held at gunpoint while walking to school. Gilmer also has gang tattoos, and has been seen flashing gang signs, which may become relevant in his criminal case.
If Gilmer’s case goes to jury trial, his case will be heard by the Baltimore County Circuit Court. It is the only court in the county with authority to conduct jury trials. The court hears major civil cases, criminal matters, juvenile delinquency, and family law cases.
The other court that adjudicates over Randallstown is the Baltimore County District Court, with court locations in Towson, Essex, and Catonsville. It has the same jurisdictional authority as the Circuit Court, except that it handles traffic violations but not juvenile matters. Generally speaking, more serious criminal and civil matters are heard before the Circuit Court, and less serious criminal and civil matters are heard before the District Court.
Lastly, the Baltimore County Orphan’s Court is a court of limited jurisdiction presiding only over probate matters, such as will contests, estate administration, guardianships over property left to minors, and protection of minors’ assets.
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