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About Fort Wayne, IN


Fort Wayne is a popular city in the state of Indiana. The site of several bloody battles before and after the American Independence, Fort Wayne was once a highly strategic location on the American frontier. The area was hotly contested amongst the French, British, Native Americans, and finally the United States during the presidential tenure of George Washington. The city sits near the confluence of two rivers and was a crucial shipping point between the Mississippi and the Great Lakes, as well as a central location between Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.

Ft. Wayne Lawyers


Getting Legal Assistance in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Today, Fort Wayne is a modern metropolis and the 2nd largest city in Indiana. This means that if you need a lawyer in Fort Wayne, you may have a daunting task ahead of you. Don’t fly blind on this important decision; use the free resources offered by to find a competent, local Fort Wayne lawyer.

Fort Wayne attorneys practice in criminal law, personal injury law, real estate law, bankruptcy filing, family law, and a variety of others. The Allen County Bar Association, a local non-profit group of attorneys, also offers a variety of free resources to the community. For instance, they offer free mediation between attorneys and clients to resolve issues that may arise during the attorney client relationship.


Information on the Court System in Fort Wayne, IN


If you have a case in the Allen County court system, you will want a local Fort Wayne lawyer who knows the system and the local legal community. Different counties have their own specific rules and procedures; knowing these procedures can sometimes be the difference between getting your day in court or losing your case before you get a chance to defend yourself. 

You might not be ready to speak to an attorney yet. Instead, peruse the wide selection of free legal resources available in’s LegalCenter. There you will find articles on popular legal issues such as DUI, Divorce, domestic violence, fraud, and many others. Also be sure to check out our LegalTips section for information on how to make the most of your attorney-client relationship.

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