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Learn More About Portage, IN

Portage, population 36,000, is located in Porter County, Indiana. It is the largest city in the county. It is located in a region colloquially known as Northwest Indiana, or “NI”. The city belongs to a township called Portage Township. There are twelve townships in Porter County.
Portage is home to several lakes and ponds, such as Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore (“Indiana Dunes”) and Robbins Pond. Robbins Pond is actually a lake and is known for its bass, catfish, and snapping turtles. It is a popular fishing area. Other areas of interest are West Beach and the Portage Public Marina, where one can access Lake Michigan using one of the boats available to the public. The Portage Public Parks system also offers a variety of recreational activities, including crafts, hiking, and water sports.

In January of 2010, the City of Portage settled a claim with former Parks Department Employee Pam Holman. Holman had brought a discrimination claim against the City and filed suit with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Board of Works of the City of Portage approved a settlement, agreeing to pay Holman $15,000. The City Attorney for Portage stated that the City chose to settle because litigation would likely be more expensive than the settlement amount. Also, the alleged discrimination occurred in 2005, and some witnesses and documents were no longer available.

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In Portage, claims are heard at Porter County Superior Court #6. The Superior Court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases, including domestic relations and traffic claims. Appeals are heard in the Court of Appeals of Indiana. The Court of Appeals hears nearly 2,500 appeals per year.
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