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Learn More About Mishawaka, IN

Mishawaka is situated along the St. Joseph River. Known as a twin city of South Bend, Mishawaka is nicknamed the Princess City and was the peppermint capital of the world in the 1800s. Mishawaka is also well known as the location of the AM General manufacturing plant which produces the legendary Hummer sport utility vehicles.
Mishawaka is a great place to find a lawyer who can handle your case as well. Lawyers in Mishawaka are familiar with many different kinds of cases including bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, DUI, and immigration cases like visa and deportation issues.
If you have a case to file in Mishawaka then you will be heading to the St. Joseph County 3rd Judicial District Superior Court. Superior courts in Indiana have jurisdiction over traffic, criminal, real property, mental health, small claims, and domestic relations cases as well as juvenile and traffic cases. If you want to file bankruptcy then you will be heading to the U.S. District Court for Northern Indiana.
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