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Learn More About Lawrence, IN

Lawrence rests in Marion County and is most notably known for being home to Fort Harrison State Park. Within the state park is Fort Benjamin Harrison, which played a major part in World War I and World War II. Citizens of Lawrence also like to participate in the many city-sponsored seasonal festivals.
Some Lawrence residents are also bar certified lawyers who are familiar with practicing law in Indiana and Marion County courts. Lawyers in Lawrence take a broad mix of cases including bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, contract dispute, and criminal cases like felony and DUI hearings.
Recently in Lawrence, a lawsuit was failed against a local traffic court and presiding judge who has become increasingly menacing. The lawsuit names Judge Bill Young as one defendant and centers around the superfluous signs he has posted prohibiting various styles of dress. One sign stipulates that you may be charged $500 in addition to the cost of your traffic ticket if deemed fit.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Lawrence then you will probably e heading to the Marion County Superior Court that retains a wide jurisdiction. Superior Courts in Indiana are the top trial level court with which you may file. They have jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property, small claims, mental health, domestic relations, criminal cases including felony hearings and juvenile cases too.
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