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Learn More About Gary, IN

The creation of the U.S. Steel Corporation, Gary, IN was founded in 1906 on the undeveloped southern shore of Lake Michigan as a steel production center. Named after industrialist Elbert H. Gary, U.S. Steel’s chairman, Gary was dubbed the “Magic City.”
Gary’s population of approximately 102,000 is 84 percent African-American, and was once dubbed the most democratic city in America due to its political leanings. The city was ranked 39th best for jobs by Forbes Magazine in 2008, due to industries such as the U.S. Steel Works and Lab Corp. of America. Area attractions in Gary include the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the Gary Masonic Temple, and the Gary SouthShore RailCats baseball team.
If you have a case in Gary, IN, you may need the assistance of a Gary lawyer. Gary lawyers can help with many legal issues including criminal, employment, family, medical malpractice, real estate, and wills trusts and estates.
Lawyers in Gary recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a transgender Gary high school student who was denied entrance to his senior prom for wearing a pink ankle-length gown. The lawsuit claimed that the school violated the student’s right to free expression and right to be free from discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” under the U.S. Constitution, as the school receives federal funding. Attorneys for the school district argue that the federal courts lack jurisdiction over the matter, as they cannot dictate local school dress codes. The case is ongoing.
The Indiana court system is composed of trial courts (circuit, superior, county, and city/town courts), two appellate courts, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Gary may argue their case before the Lake County Circuit Court, the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Tax Court, or the Indiana Supreme Court. Consultation with a Gary lawyer can help clarify local rules of the courts as well as where to file your case.
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