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Learn More About Anderson, IN

Located in central Indiana, the city of Anderson is situated in and is the county seat of Madison County. Anderson is the home of the Church of God (Anderson) as well as Anderson University, which is associated with that denomination. Anderson is also home of the Mounds State Park, which is the site of 10 ceremonial mounds built by Native Americans, with the largest mound believed to have been built in 160 B.C.
When you need legal help in Anderson, there are many talented Anderson lawyers to choose from. These attorneys can represent you in many areas of law including bankruptcy, tax, criminal defense, divorce, contacts, alimony, personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, arson, wrongful death and more.
A hospital in Anderson recently reached a settlement agreement for its part in a whistleblower lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought by the federal government and alleged that this Anderson hospital, as well five other hospitals, had wrongfully billed Medicare for a back procedure. The lawsuit alleged that this minor procedure was normally done on an outpatient basis, but that these hospitals had admitted patients and billed Medicare on an inpatient basis, forcing the patients to spend an unnecessary night in the hospital, all to boost the revenue of the medical center. The Anderson hospital is paying over $800,000 to settle its part of the lawsuit.
If you choose to file a lawsuit in Anderson, you will likely have to send your legal paperwork to the Madison County Courthouse, which houses both the Circuit Court and the Superior Courts for the county. The local Anderson attorneys are quite familiar with these courts because they are located in the downtown area of the city.
Finding a great Anderson attorney means more than just finding a lawyer that practices the type of law that your case deals with. knows this, which is why we let you read full attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever have to hire any of the attorneys that we match to you. Best of all, you get all of this information for free!
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