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Learn More About Hamilton County, IN

Due to its large number of parks, museums, fishing venues, and numerous other recreational areas Hamilton County, Indiana is often times referred to as the “playground” of Indiana. In 2008, Hamilton County was named one of America’s Best Places to Raise a Family by Forbes because of its strong economy, affordable living, and top ranked schools. Hamilton has gone through a complete transformation over the years by changing from a mostly agricultural area to holding 3 of Indiana’s biggest cities.

In the News: Recently, a man convicted of robbery in Hamilton County in 1977 was found in Troy, New York. Robert Henry was convicted of robbery and sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison. He escaped while serving his 3rd year at a Hamilton County prison and has been on the run for 29 years. Mr. Henry claims that he lived in the woods, went to church everyday, and has not had a problem with law enforcement ever since his escape. Mr. Henry is now being sent back to Hamilton County and is facing felony escape charges.

Hamilton County has several levels to its court structure. There are 2 City Courts, a Circuit Court, and a Superior Court. The Carmel City Court and Noblesville City Court are at the first level of the court structure. These two courts are locally funded and handle misdemeanors and traffic violations. The next level to the court structure is made up by the Hamilton County Circuit Court and Hamilton County Superior Court which are both trial courts that serve the County. The Circuit Court handles cases dealing with mental health, probate, and small claims. The Superior Court handles torts, contracts, real property, domestic violence, and juvenile cases just to name a few. For further information about Hamilton County or Indiana please follow the external links below:

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Hamilton County lawyers are well aware of the rules and regulations that govern the County of Hamilton. They practice in several areas of law including property law, family law, agricultural law, employment law, and civil rights law. If you are currently searching for an attorney, then LegalMatch can make it possible for you to find an experienced, skilled, and pre-screened Hamilton County lawyer. Our free service allows you access to attorneys that are interested in your case and specialize in your particular legal issue. Let LegalMatch help you find a qualified attorney in Hamilton.

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