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Learn More About Greenwood, IN

Greenwood is a city in Johnson County, Indiana. The 36,000 residents that live in Greenwood enjoy access to the widely known Greenwood Park Mall which boasts a number of high end retail establishments.
Lawyers in Greenwood are familiar with local courts and take many different kinds of cases like bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, DUI cases, and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently in Greenwood, Kevin Todd Swalwell was booked into the King County Jail in connection with a string of neighborhood fires and one early morning warehouse fire after which he was apprehended. Swalwell was captured just a few blocks away and a local surveillance camera caught him on tape. Police also said that an early tip also led them to Swalwell.
If you have a motion to file in Greenwood then you will be heading to the Johnson County Circuit Court. Indiana Circuit court have identical jurisdiction to the superior courts. Both courts offer hearing tort, civil, real property, small claims, mental health, domestic relations, felony, juvenile and traffic cases.
Regardless of what kind of legal issue you may face, LegalMatch will pair you with a lawyer who will successfully handle it. All LegalMatch’s Greenwood lawyers are guaranteed to be bar certified. If you want to do some research then you should visit the LegalMatch Law Library and Legal Forums which can explain and solve nearly any legal issue.
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