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Learn More About Marion County, IN

The largest county in Indiana, Marion County is the home of Indianapolis. Marion County was created upon the Delaware purchase in 1822 that brought the territory of Indiana into the Union.
Marion County lawyers can help you with any legal dilemma you may be facing. These include bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury litigation, wills and trusts, family law, and many others.
Attorneys in Marion County are currently litigating a high profile case concerning Indiana Gun laws. Known as the “Gary lawsuit” because of the city of its origin, the suit alleges that several prominent gun manufacturers in the state sold guns which they knew or should have known would end up in criminal hands. The suit is ongoing in the Indiana Supreme Court located in Marion County.
Only a small fraction of cases ever wind up in Indiana’s highest court, with the vast majority of cases beginning in Marion County’s Circuit and Superior Courts. Attorneys in Marion County will be familiar with the various rules and procedures of these courts, as well as with local court staff, judges, and other attorneys in Marion County.
Marion County also has some of its own unique rules. Marion has a curfew for citizens under the age of 16. Any juvenile out after 10PM may be taken into custody and cited for the violation, and parents can be held responsible for civil damages of up to $1,000.
Attorneys in Marion County will be familiar with local rules and procedures such as this one. If you need an attorney in Marion County, visit to help you find the right one for your case. For more information on Indiana and Marion County law and practice, visit the following websites:

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