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Learn More About Hobart, IN

Hobart is a Lake County city that is home to 25,000 residents who enjoy access to the city’s 14 municipal parks, two 18-hole golf courses, and other recreation areas like baseball fields and basketball courts. Hobart residents frequent Robinson Lake and the Cressmoor Prairie during the summers to fish and appreciate local wildlife.
Hobart plays host to reputable local lawyers who are familiar with taking a wide range of cases. Lawyers in Hobart consult on cases like bankruptcy, automobile injury, immigration visa, divorce, and criminal cases like DUI and white collar crimes among many others.
Recently in Hobart, Nour Assafiri was arrested for the murder of Swain Nash Smith who was found in a pool of blood outside of his family’s residence. Assafiri was summoned to the Hobart Magistrates’ Court recently but was not offered bail in his preliminary hearing. Smith reportedly died of multiple stab wounds in his back.
If you have a case to file in Hobart then you will be heading to the Lake County Superior Court. Indiana Superior Courts keep a wide jurisdiction covering criminal, civil, family, traffic, and probate cases. Superior courts are the highest level court with which you may file in Indiana. If you want to file bankruptcy in Hobart then you will be heading to the U.S. District Court.
LegalMatch is the most dependable method of finding a reputable Hobart lawyer. LegalMatch offers online legal resources like the Law Library, or if you’re ready to start looking for a lawyer there are tips on selecting a Hobart lawyer.
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