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Learn More About Jefferson County, IN

One of Indiana’s oldest counties, Jefferson County was the home of several prominent Indiana statesmen. The Jefferson County seat, Madison, almost became the state capital and was at one time the most populous city in the state. The Civil War ended southern Indiana’s fortunes and moved almost all of the state’s important activities north.
Jefferson County lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, criminal defense, and many more.
Attorneys in Jefferson County must be members of the Indiana State Bar. Through the State Bar, many Jefferson County lawyers have assisted their community in pro bono projects and community programs such as “Project Citizen,” a program to teach middle school students about how to get involved in important community issues.
Jefferson County lawyers should be familiar with the Jefferson County Court system. Although all Indiana attorneys are licened to practice anywhere in the state, only Jefferson County lawyers will be familiar with the local rules of court, as well as local court staff, judges, and other attorneys.
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