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Learn More About Terre Haute, IN

Terre Haute is a Virgo County city that plays host to 171,000 Indiana State residents. As the Vigo County seat, the city is also home to the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex which houses the federal death row inmates and employs many locals. The Swope Art Museum, Vigo County Historical Society Museum, and Turman Art Gallery which has original Andy Warhol pieces are a few popular cultural Terre Haute attractions.
Terre Haute is home to a number of dependable lawyers who are well familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Terre Haute take a diverse spectrum of cases like bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa, divorce, and criminal cases like felony appeals and DUI trials.
Recently in Terre Haute, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit challenging social isolation policies against the two federal prisons where political prisoners, those who have filed grievances against other federal prison conditions, activists, and people with unpopular political views are kept. The lawsuit charges the Federal Bureau of Prisons with isolating and segregating selected prisoners in the federal system and violating certain constitutional rights like due process.
If you want to file for divorce in Terre Haute you will be visiting the Vigo County Superior Court. Indiana State Superior Courts retain jurisdiction over contract, civil, real property, criminal, domestic relations, juvenile, traffic, and appeals cases. The U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana is responsible for hearing any Federal criminal or bankruptcy cases.
Indiana and Terre Haute courts can be very confusing, be matched with a bar certified lawyer in Terre Haute for free through LegalMatch. LegalMatch is the best way to find a Terre Haute lawyer who is familiar with local courts and is guaranteed by LegalMatch to be in good standing with the Indiana State Bar Association. LegalMatch can also help with researching your case with tools like an online law library and tips section.
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