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Learn More About Muncie, IN

Muncie is located in Delaware County in east central Indiana. The city is best known for Ball State University and the original home of Ball Corporation. Many celebrities’ have been known to study at Ball State University including David Letterman. The economic backbone of Muncie is the health care, retail, and education industry. Today this city is reinventing itself and gaining economic growth over time.

Recently near Muncie in Delaware County, a former supervisor at the Delaware County 911 center was charged with two accounts of theft. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail followed by 30 days of house arrest. She will also have to pay $10,183.51 in restitution. Jenkins admitted to the charges and was found to have submitted false overtime slips. Through these slips she was able to steal thousands of dollars in overtime pay. The investigation through the local sheriff’s office began when they received a tip from the county auditor’s office about possible improper payroll activity at the 911 center in which the defendant worked.

Muncie residents are served by the Muncie City Court and Delaware County Superior Court in all of their legal issues. In order to navigate through the court system it is best to have a Muncie County lawyer who understands the complexities of the court. Muncie County lawyers practice in several areas of law including property, contracts, family, and civil rights law.

Whether your legal issue is related to family or real estate law a skilled and experienced Muncie lawyer will be able to ease you through the process. You should look no further than LegalMatch to help you find a lawyer that is specialized in your specific legal issue and is interested in working with you. LegalMatch makes the process of finding an attorney less stressful by prescreening all Muncie lawyers for you and providing you with a satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, this entire service is at no cost to you.

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