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Mick’s Lounge is a bar in Jeffersonville where Papa John’s Pizza began. Jeffersonville is the seat of Clark County and home to 31,000 residents, many of whom work in nearby Louisville, KY. Jeffersonville also plays host to Jeffboat which is the largest shipbuilder in the United States.
Jeffersonville has a number of claims to fame as well as some of the area’s most reputable lawyers. Lawyers in Jeffersonville take cases like divorce, bankruptcy, DUI, personal injury, and contract dispute cases among many others.
Recently in Jeffersonville, Sheila Granger was sentenced to a total of 60 years in Indiana State Prison. Granger was convicted of 9 felonies including: 5 counts of Class A child molestation, 3 counts of Class C child molestation, and one Class D felony for child solicitation. The charges stem from a 2 year spree of lewd conduct with several juvenile boys.
If you have a case to file in Jeffersonville then you will be heading to the Clark County Superior Court. Indiana Superior Courts have jurisdiction over domestic relations cases like divorce, small claims, mental health, civil, juvenile, criminal, and probate cases. Superior courts are the highest trial level court that you may file with and have rigid filing procedures. It’s best to contact a local lawyer who is familiar with them.
LegalMatch is a reliable pairing service that will match you with a knowledgeable Jeffersonville lawyer. LegalMatch offers online legal resources like Forums on different legal topics like Criminal and Real Estate cases as well as tips on the best method of selecting a Jeffersonville lawyer.
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